Financial Philosophy and Policy

Heron's Bridge & Lotus Peace Arts are dedicated to offering instruction in martial arts, safety strategies and empowerment skills regardless of a student's ability to pay for classes.

Each participant's survival, health, positive development, and overall well-being depends on collective as well as individual strength, support, and resources. At Heron's Bridge every member's contributions are valued.

Heron's Bridge, in collaboration with Lotus Peace Arts, is not a typical martial arts school.
We are a non-profit community-based center that is committed to providing education through movement arts and poetry, all with a focus on feminist social justice values. The school relies on participants' monthly dues, membership fees, fundraising activities, and volunteer efforts of all kinds to keep our programs viable. We receive grants, donations and contributions to support special projects and workshops on-site and throughout the area.

When you join HB & LPA you have access to group and private instruction  with nationally and internationally recognized Black Belt instructors and advanced students. The Dojo (school space) is available by arrangement (free-of-charge to members) for private sessions, group practices, and some special events. Members and non-members may also rent the space for a variety of purposes.

What does it cost to take classes at Heron's Bridge?
The answer to this question is up to you. All fees are on a full sliding scale basis (honor system). When figuring out the amount of monthly dues you will pay,  please consider your income and circumstances  (inheritance, investments, unemployment, number of dependents, medical situation, etc.). 

Current sliding scale range per month of classes: $5 to $100

Middle income average amount per month of classes: $50

Middle income average amount per class: $15

Annual membership fee:    $50 -- individual.      $75 -- family.
Due within the first 3 months of classes, renewable each Autumn. 

Belt Promotion Fee:    $30 -- age 18 & up.      $15 -- age 17 and younger.      

Fee Waivers:  any fee may be waived if needed.

Courage, compassion & generosity through movement.